Full Stack Java Developer

Job Description: Responsible for design, development, maintenance, testing, and quality and performance assurance of system software products. Work within this job classification falls into three major categories: (1) Maintenance and enhancement. Makes changes to system software to correct errors in the original implementation and creates extensions to existing programs to add new features or performance improvements. (2) Major enhancement and new product design. Designs and develops major functional or performance enhancements for existing products, or produces new software products or tools. (3) Quality and performance assurance. Reviews requirements, specifications and designs to assure product quality; develops and implements plans and tests for product quality or performance assurance. specialist: Applies developed subject matter knowledge to solve common and complex business issues within established guidelines and recommends appropriate alternatives. Works on problems/projects of diverse complexity and scope. Exercises indepent. Ability to handle most unique situations. May seek advice in order to make decisions on complex business issues. May include experienced individuals with advanced degrees. Programming software for operating systems, utilizing various languages and software capabilities. Experience: 4 to 10 years. Must have skills: Java, Java server faces, spring batch, SOAP and REST web services, SQL, Hibernate, DB2 and Websphere. Experience: IDE's of RAD and Eclipse, Source control, like SVN and Git, Build and deploy tools like Jenkins, Maven Preferred: Reporting tools, like Crystal, Business Analytics, Sisense or BIRT.
Salary Range: NA
Minimum Qualification
5 - 7 years

Don't Be Fooled

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